Sometimes it do happen that in the desire of looking so enhancing and improved in the face features, somehow it do happen that a Bollywood actress takes wrong decisions of the plastic surgery. It is not possible that each single time plastic surgery procedure would make you show out the successful results. Sometimes it can bring out with some negative results too that can completely damage your whole face. In such category of destroying plastic surgery we have Rakhi Sawant, Koena Mitra, Ayesha Takia and much surprisingly the name of Karishma Kapoor. How did Karishma Kapoor plastic surgery made her destroying? Karishma Kapoor has changed herself alot in the past few years. She is not the same Karishma Kapoor at all which you did catch in the films, Dil Tou Pagal Hain. In the desire to look the best and stunning flawless, this actress did underwent with so many of the plastic surgeries that at last start showing horrible results on her face. In short, her plastic surgery did not at all come up with the successful results for her. Let’s see for which parts of the face, this actress went for the plastic surgery!

Karisma Kapoor Plastic Surgery Beauty Secrets Products Tips Before and After Wedding

Karisma Kapoor Plastic Surgery Beauty Secrets Products Tips Before and After Wedding

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Karishma Kapoor Has Done?

  • Karishma Kapoor has done with the lips fuller injection treatment after which she has given her lips with the fuller and broad effect. But instead of giving her lips with the fuller attractive effect, they have turned into the broad shape that does not suit her face shape at all.
  • She has been even rumored out to carry out the face filler injections with the face. She did this in order to add her face with the tightening flawless impact but in return it has showcase her skin out with the loose results.

Karisma Kapoor Plastic Surgery boobs jobs

  • Some little changes she has given out to her nose shape as well. Look at her latest pictures and you will surely be encountering the pointed and sharp tip of the nose of this actress.

Karisma Kapoor Plastic Surgery eye color

Karisma Kapoor Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures:

For the fans of actress Karishma Kapoor, here we will share out with some best plastic surgery before and after pictures of this celebrity star. Grab the pictures and see how drastically she has changed in the past few years.



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